We’re a digital marketing company based in the heart of Manchester helping our clients’ brands deliver real results for their digital platforms.

Search is changing and our team of experts live and breathe the world of search. We know how to drive traffic to your website – and convert that traffic into sales. We define results by measuring return on investment – and we don’t talk in riddles.

We provide a full service online digital offering with the focus on search, organic and paid and content marketing that means we help our clients’ increase their reach and visibility online. We place our clients’ business needs at the heart of every campaign.

We know our PPC from our SEO, we understand the impact of social and we ensure our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors.

We UP the ante on every campaign, ensuring your budget works hard, lowering the cost per conversion and converting your web traffic into actual sales and enquiries.

Digital Marketing

Personalisation, Mobilisation, Integration, Content Creation – all buzz words in today’s rapidly changing and ever evolving digital marketing landscape. Buzz words that will not have any impact on your strategy…


Does your site look pretty? Is it good enough to eat? Yes? Brilliant. NO! The question you should be asking is does it work? How does your audience interact with your site? Is it there to inform…


We don’t build e commerce solutions, we don’t build content management systems, we don’t build iPhone, iPad and Android applications. What we do is build campaigns that will generate sales…

We’ve all experienced that need for a pair of fresh eyes, an agency partner who’ll revitalise your brand.

There comes a time in every client agency relationship when you know it’s time to look elsewhere, to call it a day. The person you had the agency relationship with up sticks or gets promoted, market forces come into play, it just doesn’t feel right any more, you’re on different pages. Or you’re simply not on page one anymore.

We’ve all experienced that need for a pair of fresh eyes, an agency partner who’ll revitalise your brand. One that will leave no stone unturned in their quest to drive more traffic, the right kind of traffic that will convert with ease and make you wonder how you ever managed without them in the first place. That’s just the way it goes.

We’re no different at UP Search. We understand that choosing a new partner can be fraught with difficulties, that sometimes the grass is not always greener, better the devil you know…Yes, we get that. So all we guarantee from the start is that we’ll do two things and do them very well. We’ll ask a load of searching questions and then we’ll listen.

This approach gives us the insights we need to assess the situation, as armed with your responses, only then can we begin to understand where you’ve been, where you’re heading and what makes you tick. It allows us to determine what you need, not necessarily what you want. And most importantly, how we can help you.

So if you’re keen to work with an agency that tells it like it is, knows what it wants and can lighten your load whilst you switch partners, take a closer look at what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

And if the cap fits, please give us a shout.

Ever felt like you were missing out on SEO opportunities just because you lacked the required expertise in house?

Ask yourself a few searching questions:

Ever felt like you were missing out on SEO opportunities just because you lacked the required expertise in house?

Do you have difficulty in finding a reliable pool of freelance search engineers?

Do you want to add more value to your existing client base?

Fancy adding a bit more oomph to your own agency offering?

If so, we’d love to strike up a conversation with you. We like to be involved every step of the way so that we can collaborate openly with you and your clients. Gone are the days of agencies pretending to be the ‘jack of all trades’. If you lack online marketing expertise and your clients need it, own up and find a trusted partner who can provide it, allowing you to focus on developing your client relationships in the ways you know best.

At UP Search, we’ll be with you every step of the way, dealing face to face with clients on your behalf, delivering the insights, processes and results required to deliver effective search strategies for your clients, as well as supporting you in your relationships with them.

How do you launch your product or service to an eager audience, help turn your dream into pounds and pennies?

You’re an entrepreneur. Or you’ve taken that leap of faith to go it alone.

The business plan has been approved and you’ve created your brand. So what next? How do you launch your product or service to an eager audience, help turn your dream into pounds and pennies?

We’ve walked in your shoes. We run our own business and we understand your journey, where you are right now, how you’re feeling, the questions you’ll be asking.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, your online marketing strategy is a vital cog and one that is often left to the last minute.

We help entrepreneurs and business start-ups to build online solutions that deliver results. The earlier we’re involved, the more effective we can be in working with you (and your business partners) in identifying what’s required to get your audiences looking at you, talking about you and ultimately, buying from you.

Working with Intrinsic Technology on a number of projects, Christian provided excellent creative and imaginative branding solutions, and marketing ideas, as the company was beginning to grow rapidly. Christian's creative flair and ideas are always well thought out, providing inspiration for further branding enhancement and development at the company. I can fully recommend his work in all areas, and would happily recruit his skills again.

Rodger Bradley, Owner at Technical Writing Services

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A digital marketing agency but we also design and build desktop, mobile and apps.

Digital Marketing implemented correctly can provide huge returns, but it’s not about looking at one channel or platform, it’s all about utilising the most relevant channels, devices and platforms in order to captivate your audience at every stage.